AItools is a suite to address mining and retrieval tasks and is developed and maintained by the Webis Group. The suite comprises basic and advanced algorithms, data structures, and design patterns to model real-world retrieval processes. The following figure illustrates typical steps of an AItools processing pipe.

UML Activity Process

The solution of information retrieval problems requires highly developed skills from different computer science fields. AItools shall simplify the development and minimize time to market of new information retrieval technology by providing approved solutions, a unified interface to algorithms, rapid prototyping, and experiment automation. The AItools suite is organized in the table below: gray cells correspond to software components, colored cells name component classes. The components are arranged, from left to right, according to five functional areas (the colors indicate these areas): Acquisition [aq], Information Extraction [ie], Information Retrieval [ir], Data Mining [dm], and Information Visualization [iv]. The cells are hyperlinked and clicking on the text in any cell will open the documentation for the chosen component or class. The drop-down "Filter..." box highlights classes with respect to the language. The letter codes in the list above [aq, ie, ir, dm, iv] are used within the Java package naming scheme of AItools.