Open Theses Topics

Students who are eager to develop their skills in a research-oriented thesis in our group should mail us their interests at Suitable topics are, for example:

  • Argumentative Image Search
  • Detecting Bias in Media
  • Developing a Collaborative Writing Tool for Wikipedia
  • Exploiting Argumentation Knowledge Graphs for Argument Generation
  • Harvesting the Web for Building Evidence-based Knowledge Graphs
  • Text Mining Methods for Intelligent Writing Assistance
  • Few Shot Learning for Paragraph Classification

Webis Onboarding

We are looking for students who want to join the team and contribute to the Webis research. Simply ask a member of our group if you are both eager to learn and interested in one of the following areas:

  • Information Retrieval and Search
  • Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics
  • Data Mining and Machine Learning
  • Software Engineering and Tool Development

PhD Students

Coming Soon.