Efstathios Stamatatos
Authorship Attribution
University of the Aegean

In his introductory lecture and tutorial, Efstathios Stamatatos gives a broad overview of the research field of authorship analytics. This includes the tasks of authorship attribution and authorship verfication, background on stylometry, and the natural language processing basics required for feature engineering to represent the writing style of a text.

Efstathios Stamatatos received the diploma degree in electrical engineering (1994) and the doctoral degree in electrical and computer engineering (2000), both from the University of Patras, Greece. He was a research associate of the Wire Communications Lab. of the University of Patras from 1995 to 2003. He also joined the Polytechnic University of Madrid (1998) as a visiting researcher, the Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence as a post-doc researcher (2001-2002), and the TEI of Ionian Islands as an adjunct professor (2002-2004). Since 2004 he is a faculty member of the Dept. of Information and Communication Systems Engineering, University of the Aegean.

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Keynote. Authorship Attribution. [slides]
Sep 22 Session 1
09:00-10:00 Delta - A measure of stylistic difference [slides]
Robert Paßmann
10:00-11:00 N-gram-based author profiles for authorship attribution [slides]
Florian Friedrich
11:00-12:00 Determining if two documents are written by the same author [slides]
Tolga Buz
Sep 23 Session 2
09:00-10:00 Authorship attribution in the wild [slides]
Fabian Müller
10:00-11:00 Unmasking pseudonymous authors [slides]
Sebastian Wilhelm
11:00-12:00 Syntactic n-grams as machine learning features for natural language processing [slides]
Marvin Gülzow
Sep 24 Session 3
09:00-10:00 Augmenting naive Bayes classifiers with statistical language models [slides]
Winfried Lötzsch
10:00-11:00 Using compression-based language models for text categorization [slides]
Jakob Köhler
11:00-12:00 Authorship attribution with author-aware topic models [slides]
Thomas Rometsch
Sep 25 Session 4
09:00-10:00 Local histograms of character n-grams for authorship attribution [slides]
Michael Träger
10:00-11:00 Mining e-mail content for author identification forensics [slides]
Fabian Duffhauß
11:00-12:00 Language trees and zipping [slides]
Bernhard Reinke
Sep 28 Session 5
09:00-10:00 Feature set subspaceing [slides]
Timo Sommer
10:00-11:00 A repetition-based measure for verifification of text collections and for text categorization [slides]
Lucas Rettenmeier.
11:00-12:00 Stopword graphs and authorship attribution in text corpora [slides]
Maike Müller
Sep 29-Oct 2 Hackathon