Call for Papers


The development of advanced retrieval solutions requires the understanding and the combination of methods from different research areas, including machine learning, (big) data mining, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, user interaction and modeling, and Web engineering. In addition, societal challenges such as information quality, bias, or the trustworthiness of the stated facts and arguments have come into focus.

In this regard the TIR workshop provides a platform for presenting and discussing new solutions, novel ideas, or specific tools for future retrieval and text understanding systems. The following list organizes classic and recent topics for which contributions are welcome, but not limited to:

  • Theory. Retrieval models, similarity measures, formal analysis
  • Evaluation. Corpus construction, experiment design, performance measures, reproducibility, benchmarking of Information Retrieval and Machine Learning algorithms
  • Information Quality and Provenance. Text quality assessment, text reuse, trust and author reputation, provenance analytics
  • Natural Language Technologies for IR Applications. Opinion mining, text summarization and simplification, question answering, discourse and argument mining
  • Personalization. Personalized retrieval, context detection, user profiling, user modeling
  • Web Search. Ranking and recommendation, query classification and segmentation, vertical search, dynamic taxonomy generation
  • Social Media Analytics. People analytics, social network analysis, trend analysis
  • Semantic Web. Meta data analysis and tagging, knowledge extraction, inference and linking
  • Machine Learning. Representation learning for text mining
  • Explanations. Explainable IR models, result explanations, evaluation of explanations

The TIR workshop is held for the sixteenth time. Past workshops could attract high-quality and innovative contributions and were characterized by an open and stimulating atmosphere.

Accepted papers will appear in the proceedings of DEXA’19 Workshops published by Springer in Communications in Computer and Information Science - CCIS.