Package de.aitools.iv.graphdrawing.misc

Interface Summary
AiTreeCellRenderer Defines the requirements for an object that displays a tree node.
AiTreeCellRendererMapper the visualization uses this interface to determine which render to use for which vertex.
ConfigurationPanel Interface for everything that has settings which can be altered by the user
ProvidesConfigurationPanel Classes that implement this interface have settings that can be shown or altered in a ConfigurationPanel.

Class Summary
ConfigurationDialog implements a dialog that deals with ConfigurationPanels.
It mainly consists of a JTabbedPane and four JButtons: Ok, Apply, Preview and Cancel.
GraphPaperLayout The GraphPaperLayout class is a layout manager that lays out a container's components in a rectangular grid, similar to GridLayout.
ReingoldTilfordAlgorithm This implements the Reingold-Tilford layout algorithm for trees.
WalkerLinearAlgorithm This is the improved Walker algorithm, that run in linear time.
WalkerLinearGraph The Graph Structure used by the Walker Algorithm