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 class SerializableTermFrequency
          This class is not as performant as the original TermFrequency class, but it is serializable and thats just what I needed.

Methods in that return TermFrequency
 TermFrequency TFIDF.getTermFrequency()
 TermFrequency InverseDocumentFrequency.getTermFrequency()

Methods in with parameters of type TermFrequency
 void InverseDocumentFrequency.setTermFrequency(TermFrequency tf)

Constructors in with parameters of type TermFrequency
DivergenceFromRandomness(DivergenceFromRandomness.BasicModel x, DivergenceFromRandomness.N1 y, DivergenceFromRandomness.N2 z, TermFrequency tf)
InverseDocumentFrequency(TermFrequency tf)
OkapiBM25(double k1, double k3, double b, TermFrequency tf)
TFIDF(TermFrequency tf)
TFPDF(TermFrequency tf)