Class LatentSemanticIndexing.QualityReductionStrategyImpl

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public class LatentSemanticIndexing.QualityReductionStrategyImpl
extends java.lang.Object

Reduces the matrix dynamically to the lowest rank that satisfies the given quality. The threshold has to be between 0.0 and 1.0 and resembles the degree of approximation of the original matrix in percentage. For calculation, we use the ratio between the Frobenius norm of the reduced matrix and the original matrix.

Constructor Summary
LatentSemanticIndexing.QualityReductionStrategyImpl(double quality)
Method Summary
 int reduce()
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Constructor Detail


public LatentSemanticIndexing.QualityReductionStrategyImpl(double quality)
quality - specifies the quality, by which the original matrix will be approximated
Method Detail


public int reduce()