Class KullbackLeiblerDivergence

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public class KullbackLeiblerDivergence
extends java.lang.Object
implements RelevanceFunction<Vector,Vector>

Implementation of the KullbackLeiblerDivergence() based on the remarks made by Jianhua Lin in Divergence measures based on the Shannon entropy. The divergence is non-negative, additive and not symmetric. It can be used as a distance measure. Let p1 and p2 be two probability distribution. The KL-Divergence measures the number of bits lavished, if one uses the probability distribution p2 instead of p1.

The divergence is actually undefined, if p1(x) unequal 0 and p2(x) equals 0 for any element x. This implementation returns MAXIMUM_DISTANCE, if the divergence is undefined.

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Field Summary
static double MAXIMUM_DISTANCE
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 double compute(Vector p1, Vector p2)
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public static final double MAXIMUM_DISTANCE
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public KullbackLeiblerDivergence()
Method Detail


public double compute(Vector p1,
                      Vector p2)
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compute in interface RelevanceFunction<Vector,Vector>