Class Centroid

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public final class Centroid
extends java.lang.Object
implements HACClusterMethod

The proximity of two clusters is the proximity of the cluster centroids. Note that this method is not monotone.
This method needs a distance measure as Proximity.

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 double simRQ(double simAB, double simAQ, double simBQ, int sizeA, int sizeB, int sizeQ)
          Equation (from Tan et al.
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Constructor Detail


public Centroid()
Method Detail


public double simRQ(double simAB,
                    double simAQ,
                    double simBQ,
                    int sizeA,
                    int sizeB,
                    int sizeQ)
Description copied from interface: HACClusterMethod
Equation (from Tan et al. (2006) p. 524, see HAC for full reference):
sim(R,Q) = αa * sim(A,Q) + αb * sim(B,Q) + β * sim(A,B) + γ * |sim(A,Q) - sim(B,Q)|
Where αa, αb, β and γ depend on the method to use.
See the class description of the concrete implementation for information about these parameters.
Cluster A and cluster B are merged to form cluster R. This method calculates the proximity of R to a cluster Q.

Specified by:
simRQ in interface HACClusterMethod
simAB - Proximity between A and B
simAQ - Proximity between A and Q
simBQ - Proximity between B and Q
simRQ, the proximity between R and Q