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static interface UndirectedMutableLongGraph.Edge
          Deprecated. The extension of UndirectedLongGraph.Edge to be mutable.

Methods in that return UndirectedLongGraph.Edge
 UndirectedLongGraph.Edge UndirectedLongGraph.Edge.clone()
          Clone this edge.
 UndirectedLongGraph.Edge UndirectedLongGraph.getEdge(long vertexA, long vertexB)
          Deprecated. Get the UndirectedLongGraph.Edge connecting the two vertices.

Methods in that return types with arguments of type UndirectedLongGraph.Edge
 java.util.Iterator<? extends UndirectedLongGraph.Edge> UndirectedLongGraph.edges()
          Deprecated. Get an iterator over all edges of the graph.
 java.util.Iterator<? extends UndirectedLongGraph.Edge> UndirectedLongGraph.edgesConnectedTo(long vertex)
          Deprecated. Get an iterator over all edges in the graph, given vertex is connected with.