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static interface UndirectedMutableGraph.Edge<V>
          Deprecated. The extension of UndirectedGraph.Edge to be mutable.

Methods in that return UndirectedGraph.Edge
 UndirectedGraph.Edge<V> UndirectedGraph.Edge.clone()
          Clone this edge.
 UndirectedGraph.Edge<V> UndirectedGraph.getEdge(V vertexA, V vertexB)
          Deprecated. Get the UndirectedGraph.Edge connecting the two vertices.

Methods in that return types with arguments of type UndirectedGraph.Edge
 java.util.Iterator<? extends UndirectedGraph.Edge<V>> UndirectedGraph.edges()
          Deprecated. Get an iterator over all edges of the graph.
 java.util.Iterator<? extends UndirectedGraph.Edge<V>> UndirectedGraph.edgesConnectedTo(V vertex)
          Deprecated. Get an iterator over all edges in the graph, given vertex is connected with.