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Classes in that implement Sparsification
 class NoSparsification
          No sparsification at all.
 class Threshold
          Only implements the method isValidValue(...).

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Methods in with parameters of type Sparsification
 void AGraphClusterer.setSparsification(Sparsification sparsificationMethod)

Constructors in with parameters of type Sparsification
AGraphClusterer(Proximity<Vector> proximityMeasure, Sparsification sparsificationMethod)
MajorClust(Proximity<Vector> proximityMeasure, Sparsification sparsificationMethod, double minimumProximity)
          Creates a new MajorClust-Clusterer using random ordering of instances.
MajorClust(Proximity<Vector> proximityMeasure, Sparsification sparsificationMethod, long randomNumberSeed, double minimumProximity)
          Creates a new MajorClust-Clusterer.