Interface Similarity<T>

Type Parameters:
T - The class of the objects of which the similarity can be computed
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public interface Similarity<T>
extends Proximity<T>

A measure for computing how similar two objects are. The notion of similarity depends on the concrete implementation. In general such a measure depends on certain criteria while it ignores other.
For example for a TriangleAngleSimilarity two triangles could be very similar if the three angles of each of them are the same, although the triangles are far away from each other (what would result in a high Distance).
The Proximity of a similarity measure is most likely the same as the similarity.

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Method Summary
 double computeSimilarity(T v1, T v2)
          Compute the Similarity between two objects.
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computeNormalizedProximity, computeProximity

Method Detail


double computeSimilarity(T v1,
                         T v2)
Compute the Similarity between two objects. A higher value signals higher similarity.

v1 - One object, to be compared to the...
v2 - ...second object
Computed similarity