The Webis-Mnemonics-17 corpus is a collection of 1048 human-chosen sentences for password generation and memorization (so-called mnemonics). It is designed to test hypotheses on statistical properties of such mnemonics.


You can access the Webis-Mnemonics-17 corpus on Zenodo.

If you use the dataset in your research, please send us a copy of your publication. We kindly ask you to cite the corpus via [bib]. If you additionally want to link to the dataset, please use the dataset's [doi] for a stable link.


The corpus was collected using a 4-step study: sentence creation; sentence and password memorization; background questions; recall.

In addition to the raw mnemonics, the corpus comes with detailed logs of the study participants' interactions.

The corpus is described in more detail in this publication: [bib]


Students: Norina Marie Grosch