The Webis EditorialSum Corpus consists of 1330 manually curated extractive summaries for 266 news editorials spanning three diverse news portals: Al Jazeera, The Guardian and Fox News. Each editorial has 5 summaries, each labeled for overall quality and fine grained properties such as thesis-relevance, persuasiveness, reasonableness, self-containedness.


You can access the Webis-EditorialSum-20 corpus on Zenodo.


The automatic summarization of argumentative texts is still underexplored. We take new steps in this direction targeting news editorials, i.e., opinionated articles with a well-defined argumentation structure. With EditorialSum, we present a corpus of 1330 carefully curated summaries for 266 news editorials. We evaluate these summaries based on a tailored annotation scheme, where a high-quality summary is expected to be thesis-indicative, persuasive, reasonable, concise, and self-contained. Our corpus contains at least three high-quality summaries for about~90\% of the editorials, rendering it a valuable resource for the development and evaluation of summarization technology for long argumentative texts.